The following are LED installations concepts for public art proposals. All the shapes and graphics are generated by code. Everything is made using Processing unless stated otherwise.

Created a composition that is a set of nested loops that differentiallyadjust the size and spacing and the elements. Certain parameters are being controlled by the x and y position of the mouse to choose the desired final appearance.

Experimenting with colors that change depending on camera movement as well as automatically animate if movement is below a specified threshold.

Concept for art installation that was controlled by the camera as well as input from an iPhone app that users would be able to download on their devices. 

The app was created using openFrameworks Open Sound Control Library. Successes of this project include problem solving in the code to create a data system that allow multiple users to simultaneously draw in the app. More process videos working on the app here:

Arrangement that uses a function I wrote that provides new x and y coordinates for a point rotated at a specified angle and origin.